Out with the old…

Posted: December 31, 2015 in Overcoming Diabetes

2015 is rapidly coming to a close and we now have a chance to look back at what we accomplished over 365 days. For me it has been a year of growth and perpetual forward motion. I completed races gave away races, broke my clavicle, upgraded my job and learned a plethora of new things. Amidst all these things not once did I ever look at my cup as ever being half empty. To me life is very simple, you can either have a good day or a bad day.. we are the creators of this fate. We have the ability to control the situations we face on a daily basis and make them fit within the confines of what we view as good or bad. It’s time to release all of those things that dragged us down in 2015 and start 216 a new with an empty cup.  I will fill mine to the brim and leave no room for doubt.

Live, Love, Laugh and have a happy new year.


Keep calm and go run

Posted: November 5, 2015 in Overcoming Diabetes

It’s been almost 5 months since I broke my clavicle and it has prevented me from doing what I love. This is a huge personal set back as It happened on the heels of marathon season. Everyday I see people on the street running and think about when I can get back out there. Most people won’t understand how I feel because they have never experienced the freedom of running. This past weekend I went out and supported my running family at the NYC Marathon and although I was elated for them I was broken inside. Although I know that I will be back out there soon it still hard having to be patient with something that is now a necessity in my life. I have come to terms with waiting as I know that everything happens for a reason. This weekend I will go out for my first run in a long time. Patience will now live at the forefront as I have to take it slow to get back the time I lost. Run Bike Run is the name of the game at the Brooklyn Duathlon.


Taking the next step

Posted: July 10, 2015 in Inspiration

Change is probably one of the most frightening things we have to face in life. It’s frightening because it comes with a ton of questions that we either don’t want to, or fear answering. We tend to forget that change also comes with many positives. It is a chance to start new or move forward.  Fear tends to over shadow the good that change can have in our lives. Like in many of my previous posts, I see fear as just a catalyst to the potential we don’t know we have. It is the root of what we can be if we believe in our abilities and ourselves. I welcome change and its byproduct of fear as the spring board to the next step I will take. I’m not scared of what it will bring but embrace the excitement of the new adventure I will embark upon.

Live, Love, Laugh and take the next step




7hrs and 32 miles of rugged mountain terrain. The Northface Endurance Challenge started out at a brisk 51 degrees and eventually rose to a warm 72 with a light breeze. The course could not have been any more perfect with its babbling creeks and unstable paths.  The dirt and rocks slipped from under my feet and forced me to be attentive as mother nature is very unforgiving.  This was my 3rd year competing in this event and every year I get faster, but this race is not about time.  It is about over coming the difficulties of a terrain that cannot be changed. It is about camaraderie among friends, both old and new, as well as being the necessary push for each other when self-discipline seems to fade away.  It is without a doubt an event that I look forward to every year.  It is definitely not an easy undertaking but it is by all means doable.

With this in mind… we tend to underestimate our abilities to do great things due to a fear of failure. It is necessary for us to realize that failure is nothing to be afraid of as it is nothing more than a springboard. Failure is the fuel to do better  and be better. I failed at completing my first attempt at a mile, it was that failure that pushed me to achieve bigger and better things. We control how we perceive things in life and if we see failure as a hindrance then achieving what we want will be seemingly impossible. Do what you want, be who want, achieve what you want!

Live, Love, Laugh and embrace failure



Every person I have spoken to about this weekends challenge gives me the same answer… you are crazy.  But am I, really?  There are people in this world that dive to what seem to be unimaginable depths in the ocean with one deep gulp of air.  Others that climb to unimaginable heights with just a backpack and a tent.  What we have in common is not crazy, it’s the ability to defy the perception of others. We all have the ability to push past the unimaginable because it is nothing more than a self-created barrier.  We have the ability to do so many great things for ourselves and for this world.  The only thing that stands in our way of achieving these things is the notion that we can’t.

Tomorrow I get up at 4am and head out with my brother Mike to endure 32 miles of rugged mountain terrain.  This will be my 3 consecutive year running this race and conquering the mountain that stands before me. It represents the uphill battle that many though was impossible.  It is the physical manifestation of life and how we have the ability to do much more than what we even think is possible.   Life can and will be as exciting, imaginative, rough, disappointing and incredible as we allow it to be.  It is a choice we make every day when we wake up.

Live, Love, Laugh and choose wisely.




As many of you know I started this blog when I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.  Although I have completely reversed it this doesn’t mean it won’t come back if I don’t take care of myself.  The article linked below has some fantastic information on how low blood sugar affects the body.  It is a good source of information especially if you or someone you know is a diabetic.




Take the time to appreciate what you have accomplished in life. Look at yourself and enjoy the person you are and look forward to the person you are becoming. Time in and of itself is relative to the situations that surround us on a daily basis. If we allow time to pass us by then we have no grounds to complain about the things we never got to do. It is our duty to ourselves to cherish every moment and live every second.  This will allow our short lives to last forever. We cannot continually be prisoners of our own minds. It’s time to break down those imaginary walls of “I can’t” and start realizing the potential of “I can and I will.”

Live, Love, Laugh and be the yellow dot!!!