Don’t Worry.. Be Happy!

Posted: March 6, 2013 in Inspiration

Change, although great, is sometimes difficult. When choosing to take a path we need to be aware of the emotion that comes with the decision. At times we know why we choose things but start to rethink them because of fear.  When this comes into play we must accept this fear and believe in the reasons why this path was taken.  Having fear does not make us weak it makes us human.  To reach happiness we must sometimes go through the rough time of searching for it.  When doing so we will find that happiness does not come from others, but with the person we stare at in the mirror.  If we are happy with ourselves then everything else will fall into place.  AND no matter how hard things may seem, we will overcome them because it is meant to be.

Live, Love, Laugh and don’t worry… be happy!




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